When Worlds Collide

by Steven Behling

My day job consists of helping children and adolescents feel better, even if it takes some tough work on their part and mine to get there.  I've always known that I wanted to work with children in some capacity, be it as a sixth grade teacher or child psychologist.  There's a whimsical, innocent-yet-insightful current that flows through us as we grow up, and watching children discover new ways of being and master the challenges of youth is one of the most rewarding parts of my day.  

It's no secret that I love exploring, discovering, and celebrating food.  How fortunate for me that this documentary from The New York Times Magazine popped up on my Facebook feed today, merging the aspects of life in which I spend most of my time.  And trust me, it's worth yours.

And don't worry...more blog posts are on the way, including a few from Chicago.  Predictably, NOSHology's tribute to the cuisine of Chicago is much like my time in graduate school: longer and more arduous than we were told it would be, but ultimately worth it.