The Big Bang

by Steven Behling

Every blog must have an initial post to get things rolling...a treatise on why the writer has chosen to further clutter up the blogosphere with his arrogant, eruditic, self-inflated sense of authority on a particular topic. Mine is simple: I like food. I like how it can look, how it can taste, the mouthfeel it can produce, the way it can both join people together and split them into polar camps, how it can represent who we are and where we came from, reflect our values, and tell a story. 

I live so much of my life in my head. I spend my days analyzing patterns in human behavior, exploring its catalysts, and applying a generous helping of scientific theory and application with an infusion of clinical intuition to relieve human suffering and promote health and well-being. I meditate, pray, and contemplate the meaning in where I've been and make oft-unrealized plans for where I'd like to go. As a child, I disappeared into works of fiction, and as an adult, have crafted in my head (with random details scrawled onto little scraps of paper scattered throughout my office) an entire universe filled with carefully delevoped characters that I may one day share with the world (right now I envision seven volumes in the series, an overwhelming prospect for someone with his own small business who gets frequent reminders that he is not getting any younger, nor any less single, thank you very much).

Food pulls me out of my head, at least a little bit, and for a short amount of time, to pay attention to the sensations in my body. I'm in my mid-thirties and in reasonably good health, and as such I am ever so fortunate to not receive reminders throughout the day that my body has needs, aches, pains, etc., although I know such days must surely come, sooner than I probably expect. I love photography, exploring new things, and the rich specificity of words, so a food blog inclusive of photographs and possibly an excessive amount of adjectives seemed right up my alley.

For some time now, I've been posting my foodventures on Facebook, and over the past several months, there has been an increase in the number of friends contacting me with questions like, "Hey, I have family coming to town and I want to take them someplace with really great Thai. Where should we go?" or "I'm in Chicago next week. Any recs for food?" Now I by no means consider myself a food expert. I haven't gone to culinary school, don't have a degree in journalism or photography, and am bound by my own personal taste and gustatory chronology, but it seems like some folks are interested in my viewpoint nonetheless. To those who include themselves in that group, as well as those who simply have a deep love of what food is and can be, I say "Welcome. Welcome to NOSHology, the study of all things food."