by Steven Behling

During the years leading up to the launch of NOSHology, I posted my foodventures on other social media platforms. Once only accessible by a select group of peers, these photos and food descriptions will be made available to NOSHology readers via weekly Thursday posts with the notation #TBT (Throwback Thursday). Because the posts are from years past, some of the featured menu items may no longer be available, and in some cases, the restaurant may have closed. Although the descriptions may be more laconic (no guarantees!) and the photos of lower quality, rest assured that each #TBT represents a delightful dining experience from the past. For example, here's a #TBT of me in the mid-'80s, no doubt enjoying a refreshing summer beverage via my trusty twisty straw. NOSH on!

UPDATE: As of September 2014, I'm not adding the #TBT hashtag to any new posts and removing it from all old Restaurant Fieldnotes posts because over half of the restaurants for which I've made that designation have closed (or announced a pending closing) within a month after their respective reviews were posted. #TBTcurse