Hitchcock Deli

by Steven Behling

This past Monday my other job took me on a ferry ride across the Puget Sound and onto Bainbridge Island.  Bainbridge has a nice sprinkling of tasty eateries, and a fellow foodie friend had recently recommended the island's outpost of Georgetown eatery Hitchcock Deli.  As all of September's NOSHology posts will be solely Chicago-based, it seemed only fitting that I order the special: a Chicago Style Roast Beef sandwich with tender, juicy roast beef and melted provolone, topped with ubiquitously-Chicago giardiniera on a mayo-spreaded hearty potato roll.

Perfection.  And did you know that Hitchcock's deli case is stocked with we-slice-it charcuterie, including roast beef, porchetta, pastrami, bacon, and turkey?  What are you waiting for? Hop on the ferry to Bainbridge or take the 99 down to Georgetown this weekend for some killer meats and sammys.  There.  Now you have your Saturday afternoon plans all sorted out.  You're welcome.    


Hitchcock Deli is located at 129 Winslow Way East on Bainbridge Island and at 6003 12th Avenue South in Seattle, Washington.