Firecakes Donuts

by Steven Behling

Weddings make me hungry.  Possibly because I eat my feelings, and weddings, as much as I enjoy the celebration of loved ones making a commitment to cherish and honor one another, also remind me that I am alone.  So alone.  More doughnuts, please.

On my way to my dear friend Lauren's wedding in the spring of 2013, I had exactly 15 minutes between getting off the red line at Grand and the first chords of the processional music.  Just enough time to stop in at Firecakes Donuts, take a photo, eat a fluffy lemon verbena meringue Firecake the size of my head, straighten my tie, and walk in to Assumption Roman Catholic Church with six minutes to spare.   


There's always time for doughnuts.

Firecakes Donuts is located at 68 W Hubbard St in Chicago, Illinois.